Entrepreneur Publishing Academy

Anna David

Make no mistake; if you’re an author, you’re an entrepreneur. You’re selling the world on your book, aren’t you? Of course, it’s not as easy as launching a business and then tossing any old book up on Amazon. That’s why Entrepreneur Publishing Academy teaches entrepreneurs to publish books on the specific topic and in the specific way that will launch or grow their businesses. The show is a combination of solo question-and-answer episodes and interviews with best-selling authors, entrepreneurs and publishing insiders. It has had over 950,000 downloads, regularly appears on the top 100 career podcast list and is actually funny. Not David Sedaris funny but still funny. Subscribe now so you don't miss an episode, view show notes at www.entrepreneurpublishing.academy and learn more about publishing with Anna David at www.legacylaunchpadpub.com. Don't know where to start? Some of the most popular episodes include "How Do I Get Media Attention from My Book," "A Play-by-Play Breakdown of How James Altucher Launches a Book" and "Chris Voss on How to Negotiate a Book Launch."
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