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CNN This Morning


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Our Editor's Take

Morning show enthusiasts and news fans may delight in CNN This Morning. This show offers the podcast version of the morning television show by the same name. Episodes come out every weekday. They offer a holistic examination of domestic and international affairs. At two hours, the show is a good accompaniment to a morning routine—from getting ready to commute time. This podcast is great for people with a pulse on the latest news.

CNN This Morning combines careful, thorough analysis with cheery morning show stories. Host Poppy Harlow and a rotating group of CNN journalists bring various perspectives and experiences. This podcast cast brings experience and insight to today's world. Harlow is the former CNN Newsroom host. She said she planned on being a lawyer, and studied political science as an undergrad. But when she didn't get into the top school she wanted, she decided to give journalism a try. Fans appreciate her friendly demeanor.

Don Lemon hosted CNN This Morning until April 2023. Kaitlin Collins, a rising star at CNN, cohosted this podcast until mid-2023. Colleagues and peers applaud her measured reporting and unshakeable demeanor. This podcast was a stepping stone for her getting an evening show on CNN.

Listeners like the vast content and quality of the news stories on CNN This Morning. The show offers a great balance of international and domestic stories. Episodes span a mix of subjects. Advice and feel-good stories on newsmakers feature alongside finance and inside politics. In one episode, the team discussed the failures of two big banks. The following day, they looked at President Biden's response. Whether the hosts are analyzing Oscars appearances or Supreme Court cases, this podcast is a leading source for current news. With CNN leading the way, the commentary will be smart and engaging.

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