Ep. 21 | Carol Marzouk - Are you a Lion that needs Taming?

The Rich Equation

Oct 31 2021 • 39 mins

On this episode of The Rich Equation Podcast, Ashish is joined by Carol Marzouk. Ashish and Carol discuss being a lion tamer, her childhood and up brining and the impact that has had on her as an adult and within her career. They also talk about the importance of not having regrets, emotional intelligence and how life is a game you hold the pieces to so just play it well! Finally, Ashish encourages you to reach out to someone who has a major impact on your life and some them some gratitude!


0:00 – Intro
0:21 – Ashish gives a brief insight into Carol’s life and experience
0:53 – Ashish shares how he and Carol speaks about why it’s important to find extraordinary in the ordinary amongst many other topics throughout this podcast
2:27 – Carol informs us about her background and career and how she got to where she at now
6:30 – Carol speaks about her upbringing and how it lead her to be so good at conflict resolution
11;08 – Carol talks about how when people work as teams, people tend to realize that the CEO they’re working for are human too – you can have normal conversations with them – and therefore all these barriers start breaking down which allows them to become a more cohesive team and creatives a sense of glue and loyalty
14:50 – Carol states that we’re just children when it comes to emotional intelligence
16:40 – Carol shares her best advice to people who want/need to change their behavior
20:38 – Carol explains how the more you learn the more you reason the less you know
21:33 – Ashish talks about how he has created the idea of having a massive impact
22:58 – Carol and Ashish discuss how the future is not now and the past is gone so you need to provide the most energy here and now in the present
23:34 – Carol speaks about where she gets her energy from and how she maintains a good balance
25:20 – Ashish states that in order to be an effective coach you really have to come from a place of non-judgement
26:00 – Carol says in so many times in her career, she could have done things so much better, but every day she is getting better and better
26:52 – Carol has noticed that she catches herself noticing her biases and she gets frustrated with people being a little too sensitive
29:11 – Ashish thinks people are looking to put people in two buckets; you’re a hard ass and tough or you’re too emotional but Ashish feels there’s an intermediary
29:58 – Some people complain Carol smiles too much, others complain she doesn’t smile enough, and she wonders how she survives in this type of world
31:18 – Ashish warns no one’s going to come and save you, and you shouldn’t look to a lawsuit to save you; there’s no path forward if you’re looking for victimhood
32:20 – Carol wishes she knew everything is temporary 20 years ago
33:11 – We’re programmed to protect our ego and Carol wishes to invite everyone to think for a moment how things would be different if you didn’t have to protect your ego
34:18 – Ashish mentions how Carol once said to him “what does it matter everyone’s going to be dead soon anyway”
35:55 – Ashish asks with her as the lion tamer, who tames her, to which she responds with her family
36:33 – Carol says that the first takeaway from the podcast is that life is just a game, so play it well
36:58 – Carol advises you to remember who the good people are and to take good care of them
37:25 – Carol’s final piece of advice is to watch your ego, none of the things you think make you successful matter
37:20 – Carols final point is that true richness is not looking backwards and regretting anything
38:36 – Ashish advises you to text, email or write to someone who had a major impact on their life growing up, and to show gratitude.