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Take a gruesome trip through history with chilling campfire stories of true crime. It’s a unique blending of narrative nonfiction storytelling with investigative journalism, a deep dive into the lives of victims...and killers. And how they made history.

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Our Editor's Take

Tenfold More Wicked Presents: Wicked Words is a fascinating true crime podcast that combines narration with in-depth interviews. True crime podcast lovers will be captivated by this show as host Kate Winkler Dawson deftly mixes narrative style and real-life events. Kate's explorative approach discovers intriguing new angles to true crime and mystery. She interviews writers and journalists who research historic true crime stories. Her guests are the people who closely followed major crimes and crises. Audiences get to follow along, listening to interviews and stories that shock and amaze.

Kate Winkler Dawson is a journalist. She has also been an associate professor of journalism at the University of Texas. Dawson has also authored several books about true crime, forensics, and murder mysteries. This makes her an expert candidate to host this podcast that dives into all things crime. Dawson brings years of experience, passion, and investigative reporting skills to each episode. Her skills create a dynamic and gripping podcast that keeps listeners captivated.

This is a fantastic podcast for true crime podcast veterans or those taking their first steps into the genre. Dawson's style is factual and informative, and her narration is engaging. This is excellent true crime storytelling. When listeners step into Dawson's investigative world, Tenfold More Wicked Presents: Wicked Words will not disappoint.

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