Tenfold More Wicked

Exactly Right

Take a gruesome trip through history with chilling campfire stories of true crime. It’s a unique blending of narrative nonfiction storytelling with investigative journalism, a deep dive into the lives of victims...and killers. And how they made history.

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Introducing: Tenfold More Wicked, Season Six
The Echo of Murder: Grains of SandThe Echo of Murder: A Small Town TrialThe Echo of Murder: FoundThe Echo of Murder: MissingThe Echo of Murder: A Perfect LadyIntroducing: Tenfold More Wicked, Season SixBlood Feud: WarBlood Feud: A Bloody SceneBlood Feud: Target PracticeBlood Feud: The FeudBlood Feud: A Poisoned MarriageBlood Feud: Family TiesIntroducing: Tenfold More Wicked, Season FiveTiger Woman:  Closing CurtainTiger Woman:  Family LoyaltyTiger Woman:  MurderTiger Woman:  A Loaded GunTiger Woman:  Montecito DriveTiger Woman: A Chorus GirlIntroducing: Tenfold More Wicked, Season Four