How to Build a Thriving HVAC Business in 2022

Smart HVAC Marketing

Apr 26 2022 • 44 mins

On this episode we are joined by Tom Peregrino of Service Nation.

In this episode Eric and Tom touch upon the importance of being a better leader and how leadership directly influences the organization. Tom puts emphasis on leadership by saying, "The better the leader, the better the organization. In order to build a thriving HVAC business, you must work from the ground up. A business can only be as good as the leader allows it to be. Tom and Eric also discuss the importance and influence that culture has on whether or not your contractors stay for decades or leave after a few months.

About Service Nation:

Service Nation Inc was founded in July 2002 as The Service Roundtable. We started with 200 members which, for year one, we considered quite the achievement. It was and remains a revolutionary organization founded by a collaboration of leading contractors to share information and help other contractors improve their sales, marketing, operations and profitability.