The Future of Real Estate with Jessica Stoner

Jessica Stoner, Real Estate Futurist

The Future of Real Estate radio show is about all aspects of real estate in the future. We will explore surprising connections between current developments in the world and how they may affect real estate, in ways that are not yet obvious. New technology advancements will create unique working arrangements and processes, altering how and where people choose to live. A variety of generations with different views of success and happiness modify the traditional real estate status quo. New techniques of real estate construction and breakthrough materials create massive disruption in traditional construction, city planning, and sense of community.brbr You will find this show surprising, enlightening and instructional, as you can apply this insight directly to your own real estate decisions. Whether a homeowner or future homeowner, investor or real estate professional, this information provides an inside edge to everyone who owns real estate now or in the future. read less