#33 Dream Journaling, Toilet Books and Other Odd Habits (Anniversary Episode)


Apr 13 2021 • 52 mins

We celebrate 1 Year of Podcasting!

In this Anniversary Episode, we share our experience of podcasting, what we have learned after one year, how and why you should get started with your own podcast, as well as what we plan to do in the future.

​Check out Buzzsprout, which we use for hosting if you're interested in starting your own podcast!

We also dive into our own weird and odd habits, like dream journaling, and toilet habits.

It's going to get weird and I guess you don't want to miss that ;-)

Thanks for the support and all the inspiration you have given us to continue our podcasting journey. You are the best!

[02:20] 1-Year Wrap-up
[09:29] How To Start Your Own Podcast
[10:10] Odd Habits Intro
[12:52] Odd Habit Nr. 1 (André)
[16:28] Odd Habit Nr. 2 (Gustav)
[20:18] Odd Habit Nr. 3 (André)
[25:13] Odd Habit Nr. 4 (Gustav)
[40:22] Odd Habit Nr. 5 (André)
[45:45] Odd Habit Nr. 6 (Gustav)
[49:41] EndNote

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