#26 Mental Habits to Develop a Strong Mind (Part 1)


Jan 22 2021 • 1 hr 2 mins

In Mental Habits (Part 1) we uncover the habits to create a strong mind.

What mindsets do mentally strong people have?

In her book “13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do”, author and psychotherapist Amy Morin introduces 13 destructive mental habits that will weaken your mind, make you more vulnerable to external factors, and stop you from achieving your goals.

Let's find out what these destructive mental habits are and how you can change them to become a mentally strong person!

[03:00] Background & Mental Framework
[06:42] Mindset for the Mindsets
[08:55] Habit 1: Stop Feeling Like the World Owes You Anything
[14:21] Habit 2: Stop Wasting Time Feeling Sorry for Yourself
[18:58] Habit 3: Stop Resenting Other People’s Success
[25:55] Habit 4: Stop Wasting Energy on Things You Can’t Control
[32:21] Habit 5: Stop Dwelling on the Past
[41:01] Habit 6: Stop Giving People Your Power
[49:00] Habit 7: Stop Trying to Please Everyone
[55:15] Dating Example Sum-Up

Stay tuned for Mental Habits (Part 2) where we uncover the last 6 habits for creating a strong mind!

The article we talked about:
3 Powerful Mental Habits for a Strong Mind

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