Saddle Up Your Horse

CrossWinds Church Sermons

Jan 29 2023 • 40 mins

Saddle Up Your Horses!

Matthew 4:18-25; John 10:10
Pastor Willie Behrends

As Jesus calls His first disciples it should cause us to consider His call on OUR lives. What is He calling you to do?
Are you answering His call?

Sermon Notes

From this passage, what should your answer look like?

I - Jesus should be answered ____! (18-22)
II - Following Jesus should make total ____! (23-25)
III - Expect a complete ____!(John 10:10)

Today's 'Take-Aways.' Ask yourself...
1. "How have I ____ Jesus’ call?"
2. "What ____has Jesus made in my life?"
3. "What is keeping me from saying ____ to Him?"

NEXT WEEK: “The “BE” Attitudes! Matthew 5:1-12”

CrossWinds uses the New American Standard Bible (NASB) ©2020


Sermon by Willie Behrends

Worship led by Robert Velasco


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