Jesus Was And Is The Light

CrossWinds Church Sermons

Jan 22 2023 • 45 mins

Sermon Notes:

Matthew 4 : 12-17

As Jesus begins His ministry, Matthew emphasizes to his readers that Jesus is the fulfillment of God’s promise to His people…and He continues to be our ‘Light’ today!

Here we see at least three aspects of Jesus’ light…

I – His light shined in every ________________________! (12-13)

II – His light was promised in ______________________! (14-16)

III – His light ______________________ in us! (17)

Today’s ‘Take-Aways.’ Ask Yourself…

1. “What ___________________________ typically stop me?”

2. “Do God’s _____________________ really matter to me?”

3. “Do I ________________ among those in My World?”

NEXT WEEK: Getting the Team Together! Matthew 4 : 18-2


Sermon by Pastor Willie Behrends

Worship led by Sarah Ghio


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