A Christmas Poem - A Chat With Santa

Christmas Everyday Club

Jan 16 2024 • 3 mins

Hello, welcome to the Christmas Everyday Club podcast.

In this episode i am reading another Christmas poem that I wrote, yes an actual poem. Let me know what you think as I would love to know. Plus I update you on the latest Christmas movies I watched, which is none, zero, zilch!
What was the last one you watched?

The Advent Calendaris over until December butIam thinking of doing it for other holiday events too like Valentines day, Easter and more. What do you think?

Question of the day - Do you want to write for us?

Go to the Christmas Everyday Club Forum and let us know your stories.

If you want some free printables such as colouring pages, activities and more, then head on over to the Christmas everyday club website and enjoy.

There is another podcast that I do too about  movies, so if you enjoy movies and can put up with listening to me, its called Movies Games Beyond. Although I haven't uploaded much.

If you want to get in touch email me podcast@christmaseverydayclub.com

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