The ULTIMATE entrepreneurial PEP TALK; who's counting on YOU?


Oct 23 2023 • 29 mins

Today’s episode is for all of you who are putting yourselves out there, and are feeling how HARD it can be to be an entrepreneur. Whether you are in a season of struggle right now, or it feels like you are pushing a giant monster truck tire up a hill and you’re wondering if you’re WORTHY of the goal or if the STRUGGLE is going to be worth it, or you’re BRAND NEW and don’t have PROOF yet to look back on and know it all will work out, this is your reminder that if you’re gifted the vision, you are gifted the ability to figure it out. I don’t want you to label this season of being incapable, but instead see it as an opportunity to make FUTURE YOU so damn proud because you didn’t give up. I think you’re really going to vibe with this!

As mentioned in today’s episode:

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