How To Measure CUSTOMER ENTHUSIASM with William Eastman

#OWNR.LIFE with William Eastman

Apr 15 2022 • 14 mins

The essence of all business relationships is data. That includes quantitative (numbers) and qualitative (feelings) to build a complete picture of the relationship. Most businesses, the large included, focus on just one. However, both are required to tell the story of the customer's relationship with the offer and doing business with you. Later on, when we discuss how to gain the customer’s support for improving the offer or creating a new one - this is essential.

Show Objective ​Given a methodology for designing a data based measurement system for customer relationships, create an unique model that fits your organization and customers that completes the picture of business performance. The goal is to measure CUSTOMER ENTHUSIASM.

EPISODE 29: Summary This is one of the more significant decisions you will make for the business. Your goal is to get it right early, both in what you are going to measure and how the data will be collected and organized. In 5 years this data will become a very valuable resource and has a positive impact on the businesses valuation.

The best place to start is looking at how you are measuring internally and asking the question - what don't we know? For example you measure how long it takes from a sale to delivery (Dock-To-Dock), the measure the performance of each step in the process for cost and quality (Takt Time or actual performance to schedule which includes quality). Your quality metric is internal - what does the the customer think when they receive and use the product / service? Does it meet their expectations for promise - results, ease of use, ontime and budget?