Lily, Age 6: New friend claims to be best friend

Kids Ask Dr. Friendtastic

Feb 10 2024 • 4 mins

Ep. 48 - Kids Ask Dr. Friendtastic: Attraction versus closeness

Lily wonders how to understand a friend who claims instant intimacy.

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- In your own words, how would you describe the difference between attraction and closeness?

- Have you ever had someone try to influence you by saying, “I’ll be your best friend…” or “I won’t be your best friend…”? What did they want you to do? How did you respond?

- Have you ever met someone and immediately thought, “We’re going to be good friends!” Did you end up becoming close friends? Why or why not?

- How could saying something like “No thanks” or “I’m not comfortable doing that” deepen your friendship?

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