Beatrix, Age 8: Friend cut her hair!

Kids Ask Dr. Friendtastic

Jan 6 2024 • 5 mins

Ep. 43 - Kids Ask Dr. Friendtastic: Learning to say “No.”

Beatrix somehow agreed to let her friend snip a tiny bit of her hair but was shocked when the friend cut a big chunk! How can she protect her hair and the friendship?

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- Have you ever had a situation where you went along with what a friend wanted but later regretted it? What happened? How did you handle it with your friend?

- Why do you think it’s sometimes hard to say no to a friend?

- Why do you think friends sometimes don’t listen or keep arguing after they’ve heard no?

- Have you ever felt envious of a friend–wishing you had something they do or could be more like them? What did you envy? How did it affect your friendship?

- If you were in Beatrix’s situation, would you be able to forgive a friend who cut more of your hair than you expected? Why or why not?

Books mentioned in the podcast: Growing Friendships: A Kids' Guide to making and Keeping Friends Feelings: A Kids' Guide to Dealing with Emotions about Friends and Other Kids

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