How to be Grounded and Authentic on Instagram with Shannon Giordano

Marketing for Humans

Mar 15 2022 • 37 mins

Shannon Giordano will tell you she’s not a digital native but she loves social media when it’s used for good: to connect us, to share authentically, and to build relationships. She is passionate about helping business owners and entrepreneurs build a strategy to authentically share their products and services online.  Her  goal is to get the best return on investment from social media marketing. What gets her out of bed in the morning, other than her 3-year-old chinook, Gracie, and the need to get her kids up for school, is helping business owners and entrepreneurs build the social media community they dream of.

We discussed:
How to get clients on Instagram
How to build trust on Instagram
What makes a Facebook group actually work
What to do about all the negative impacts of social media
Examples of what works for all of this

Shannon's Website: Serendipity Social Media

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