Marketing Hotseat with a General Contractor: Meet Jesse DeBenedictus, Adventure Guide

Marketing for Humans

Apr 20 2021 • 1 hr

Marketing for Humans: Bringing the Human Back into Marketing.
Hello. I’m Christina Frei, founder of Innate Marketing Genius, where how you love to help people informs how you get business. Do you know your deepest why in serving others?  I have identified 5 Innate Marketing Genius types, and knowing your type answers this question. The types  include Nurturers, Adventure Guides, Door Openers, Steady Presences, and Celebrators.  Discover your genius type here.

Season 5: Marketing Hotseats

I decided that I needed to show the magic of people’s deepest why in action.  In Season 5 of Marketing for Humans, I get to do this. I put myself in a Marketing Hotseat,  invite dynamic entrepreneurs as my guests, and act as my guest’s marketing consultant for 45 minutes or so.  If you want some calmer, more authentic marketing ideas, these are your episodes.

Sometimes, you’ll even get the input of my colleague, Jenn Wentworth, a digital marketing expert based in New Hampshire.

Today we will hear from Jesse Debenedictus, founder of WORKS, a remodeling company based in Gloucester, MA. Jesse’s team specializes in kitchen and bathroom renovations,  they really do it all, which you will hear about soon. Jesse first became an entrepreneur in eighth grade, when he gardened and landscaped for local families. A few years after college, he realized that construction, from digging foundations to designing custom carpentry, was his first love and he founded WORKS. Jesse is an Adventure Guide, which means he sees what’s possible for his peeps way before they do and he takes bold action in his own life and work. Let’s hear about Jesse’s business and do a marketing brainstorming session to bring out this bold Adventure Guide.

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