What's Actually Working: 3 Wellness Professionals Share their Marketing Secrets

Marketing for Humans

Sep 28 2021 • 46 mins

Hello. I’m Christina Frei, and I’m a marketing consultant for solo business owners. My focus is helping clients become the compelling expert of their field, where they get great clients by being who they are.

Today’s episode is a wellness and transformational professionals marketing field study , where I speak with 3 business owners who are great at what they do. Each one shares  what’s actually working, which is the opposite needing to do 10 strategies and hoping for the best.  Not sustainable.   So let’s stop and check in with some experts. I personally would LOVE to have have cracked all the cool new marketing apps, but I’ve built my business on studying what works.  Let’s hear from these transformational professionals and understand what’s working for them so that you can make better choices with your own marketing.

Discover your marketing archetype.

Lisa Dahl
Heather Maguire
Lauren d'Agostino