Episode 49 - How We Bought a 12-Unit Apartment Complex with No Money

The FasterFreedom Show: Passive Income Through Real Estate Investing

Jan 4 2023 • 38 mins

One of the biggest challenges a real estate investor faces is financing the investment. As a general rule, you need a lot of money to buy an apartment or a house, much more an apartment complex. So, can you buy a property with no money down? The short answer is yes. However, there are some factors to consider. Buying huge apartment complexes can be challenging, but buying small apartments is not too bad, and it's a great way to scale.

In this episode, Sam and Lucas share a case study of how they bought a 12-unit apartment complex with no money. They walk you through how they found the deal and how they financed it. They also share the actual numbers so you can better understand how you can do the same thing. Let's find out how you can buy an apartment complex with no money in today's episode of The FasterFreedom Show.

“This little 12-unit, I feel like it's so manageable for so many people. It's more than single families, but it's not a 50-unit or even 30-unit you got to raise millions. It's so manageable, especially when people hear the numbers on this property.”
- Sam Primm

“Every one of these buildings that we buy, the tenants love us. The only ones who don't like us are the ones who don't pay.”
- Lucas Walls

In this Episode:

-How Sam and Lucas got the deal in 2018

-How they funded the transaction without using their own money

-What happened to the property value two years after?

-Let's look at the numbers to understand the deal better

-Sam and Lucas's Favorite Fast Food Joints and their favorite drinking game in college; they also chatted about Lionel Messi!

And more!

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