Episode 47 - Our Plan for 2023

The FasterFreedom Show: Passive Income Through Real Estate Investing

Dec 28 2022 • 28 mins

Sam and Lucas are at it again — helping more people create more freedom with their real estate wisdom. What’s special about this episode is that we gain a fascinating insight into the working relationship of two business partners as they audit the ups and downs of their property game in 2022.

They look forward to the next year too, and this episode is about embracing the challenges in 2023. We get to learn about growing your social media presence, launching a mastermind, and the organic approach of observing where the market will allow you to grow.

If you’ve enjoyed the bromance and banter between these two — and if you’re interested in the property market in 2023 and where it’s likely to go — then this episode is absolutely for you.

Sam and Lucas aren’t scared of the market and are looking to do some fun things with it. Taking advantage of the upswing starts with dialing into this episode and taking the advice that’s on the table. Keep investing and keep moving forward with The FasterFreedom Show.

“We’re kinda going to take what the market gives us this year. With higher interest rates and the market slowing down in general, we just have some uncertainty there. So we’re not going to stop growing, but we’re going to be a little more selective than we have been in the past, probably.
- Lucas Walls

In this Episode:

-Sam and Lucas audit their 4 businesses

-Faster Assets leads to Faster Freedom

-Selling 320 houses in 2023

-Where will the market allow you to grow?

-The value of growing your social media and student audience

-Gaining 400K followers and 850 new students in 2022

-The aspiration to launch a high-level mastermind

-Converting a unit into a short-term rental for $10K

-No more ‘willy-nillying’

-The appeal of multi-family rentals

-Having fun with the market in 2023

-Top 5 things that are red

And more!

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