Restaurant and Culinary Careers

Future Groove

Apr 19 2023 • 0 seconds

In this episode, we talk with Dina Samson, a successful Los Angeles restaurateur who built her career in finance and branding before entering the food and beverage industry. Dina discusses her passion for connecting people and amplifying voices within the industry, and how she's cultivated a culture of joy and core values to drive success. With her experience opening acclaimed restaurants in Southern California and co-founding nonprofits to support local business owners, Dina shares valuable insights on the importance of community and connection in the restaurant industry. Don't miss this episode as we explore Dina's journey and the lessons she's learned along the way.

Questions and Topics Covered:

  • (01:32) - How Dina got into the restaurant industry.
  • (04:17) - Working with celebrity business leaders.
  • (08:00) - What are your primary roles as a restauranteur?
  • (09:56) - What skills and traits do you look for when hiring staff?
  • (16:20) - Uncovering Dina's youth which led her to her current position.
  • (18:42) - What project are you most proud of?
  • (19:58) - What advice would you give young people for finding the right career?
  • (23:39) - What is your future groove?

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