AN 4.31 - 4.40 Situations

Pali audio

Feb 25 2022 • 26 mins

4.31 Living in a suitable region, relying on good people, right determination, and past good karma.
4.32 Inclusiveness through giving, kind speech, taking care, and impartiality.
4.33 A lion’s roar terrifies beasts. The Buddha’s teaching terrifies the gods.
4.34 Confidence in the Buddha, the path, the Dharma, and the Saṅgha are the best kinds of confidence.
4.35 A great man as understood by brahmins and by the Buddha.
4.36 The brahmin Doṇa is filled with wonder when he sees the Buddha’s footprints.
4.37 A mendicant who has morality, guards the sense doors, eats in moderation, and is committed to wakefulness can’t decline.
4.38 A mendicant has eliminated idiosyncratic interpretations of the truth, has totally given up searching, has tranquilized bodily activity, and is said to be ‘withdrawn’.
4.39 - 40The Buddha criticizes violent sacrifice, but not non-violent giving.