RELAX! with Colleen Ballinger & Erik Stocklin

Colleen Ballinger & Erik Stocklin

Colleen Ballinger has been sharing her life publicly to millions of people online for over a decade, while her husband Erik Stocklin lives a much more private life and barely knows how to use social media. This unlikely couple spends an hour each week discussing anything, everything and sometimes nothing at all about their unique world. Every episode is an open and honest discussion that often leads to discoveries and revelations as they (along with the rest of us) navigate these unprecedented times. read less

Our Editor's Take

Colleen Ballinger and her husband, Erik Stocklin, are embarking on a new project alongside their marriage. Relax! with Colleen Ballinger & Erik Stocklin is a podcast for the millennial generation. The couple presents this entertaining show about their lives and how they are living them.

Colleen Ballinger is a popular YouTube creator, singer, actress, and writer. She is best known for creating the character of Miranda in her Miranda Sings videos on YouTube. The character is most famous for singing songs off-key. The joke is that Miranda is oblivious to her lack of talent and is determined to be a star.

Erik Stocklin is an actor who is best known for his role in Haters Back Off. This was a TV show that followed the exploits of Ballinger's Miranda character. Stocklin was cast as the character's love interest. The duo fell in love in real life and got married. They have three children together and live in Southern California.

Much of the humor from the show comes from the fact that the two make an unlikely couple. Colleen first found fame on YouTube. Thus, she is comfortable with social media and internet culture. Erik, meanwhile, is not a fan of social media at all. The difference in their outlooks on life is what powers the show. Their tone is effortless and relatable. It's a comforting and hilarious treat for listeners.

A new episode of Relax! with Colleen Ballinger & Erik Stocklin premieres every Wednesday.

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