Glenn Ellmers Reveals The Roots Our Broken Politics

The Radio Free Hillsdale Hour

Aug 4 2023 • 42 mins

Guests: Adam Carrington, Glenn Ellmers, & Paulina Volosov

Host Scot Bertram talks with Adam Carrington, Associate Professor of Politics and William and Patricia LaMothe Chair in the U.S. Constitution at Hillsdale College, on the repercussions of 303 Creative LLC v. Elenis. Glenn Ellmers, Salvatori Research Fellow in the American Founding at the Claremont Institute, discusses the roots of political unrest and his new book The Narrow Passage: Plato, Foucault, and the Possibility of Political Philosophy. And Paulina Volosov, Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Hillsdale College, explains how mathematicians study the brain.

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