How Psychedelics Changed My Life - with Nimai Delgado | Into the Multiverse Podcast EP 17

Into The Multiverse Podcast

May 2 2022 • 1 hr 11 mins

From accidentally taking LSD at 12 years old, to using Ayahuasca to become more authentic - Vegan BodyBuilder, Nimai Delgado, shares his experiences with psychedelics, and how they made him the person he is today. He shares the stories that most people don't know about him, and how he used psychedelics to heal. From Engineering, to Bodybuilding, to Podcast hosting, Nimai is in a constant evolution to become more aligned with his authentic truth.



0:00 Intro

4:06 From Engineer to Vegan Bodybuilder

9:00 Sharing the Vegan Message

27:38 Psychedelics

37:22 Bring in our Authenticity

44:10 What People Don’t Know About Nimai

49:20 Psychedelics & Relationships

57:49 Functional Mushrooms

1:03:57 Vision for the future

1:09:12 Conclusion




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