Doctor Explains Holistic Health & Magic Mushrooms - with Dr. Tyler Jean | Into the Multiverse EP18

Into The Multiverse Podcast

Jun 6 2022 • 48 mins

Dr. Tyler Jean shares the recent transformational journey he's been on, that gave him a new perspective on what it truly means to be healthy. After years of perfectionism & discipline, he's come more into authenticity and enjoying being alive. He also shares his perspective on all mushrooms, and what he thinks the future of psychedelics will be.



0:00 Intro

2:30 Tyler’s story

5:35 Recent Transformation

13:04 Tyler’s Nonnegotiables (health tips)

20:33 Psychedelic Mushrooms

28:38 Functional Mushrooms

31:40 The Future of Psychedelics

37:55 Where Tyler is currently at

56:12 Conclusion




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