Life As Ceremony & The Path of Knowing Thyself - with André Duqum | Into the Multiverse Podcast EP 24

Into The Multiverse Podcast

Sep 5 2022 • 59 mins

André Duqum shares what it means to live life as ceremony - reminding us that our greatest spiritual practice is the way that we choose to live every single day. He shares his story, what it means to Know Thyself, and why plant medicine isn't the only path to spiritual growth.



0:00 Intro

1:25 Life as Ceremony

8:24 André’s Evolution

19:34 To Know Thyself

23:19 Understand & Transcend Pain

31:51 Age

37:38 Cultivating Presence

40:41 Psychedelics & Usage

51:19 Lessons from Plant Medicine

54:19 Vision for the Future

57:22 Conclusion


André Duqum:

André developed a passion for story-telling through content creation early on when he realized the power it can have on people. Video storytelling has the capacity to be a tool that uplifts & inspires or it can spread unconsciousness and fear.

Having a strong calling to contribute to the rise in consciousness that is happening on this planet, he created Meraki Media - a production company aimed at uplifting the voices of societies’ game-changers, rule-breakers and light-workers.

Today, he pours his energy into the Know Thyself podcast by utilizing his life experience and passion for asking powerful questions to unveil spiritual wisdom that is both practical and digestible.



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