Building a Better Industry for Psychedelic Medicine - with Dorna | Into the Multiverse Podcast EP 19

Into The Multiverse Podcast

Jun 13 2022 • 1 hr

Psychedelic Researcher, Dorna Pourang, shares her insights on what's happening in the industry right now. She talks about what's being studied with clinical trials (and how you can join them). She also shares her views on creating integrity in the industry, and valuing sacred reciprocity to the cultures which these medicines come from. She shares how companies can build better businesses to integrate this, and what her vision for the future looks like.



0:00 Intro

1:52 Dorna’s Story

6:33 Clinical trials for Psychedelics

18:02 Integrity in the Industry

25:43 Sacred Reciprocity

30:09 Building a Better Business

55:25 Vision for the Future

57:50 Conclusion




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