Microdosing Collective LA Launch - Why Legalize Microdosing Supplementation | Into The Multiverse Ep 22

Into The Multiverse Podcast

Aug 8 2022 • 43 mins

We gathered a panel of 4 leaders in the Psychedelic space together, to talk about the path forward for legalizing microdosing. We discuss the history of microdosing, the 'why' behind it, sacred ritual, legal policy, and so much more. Our goal, as always, is to destigmatize and educate others on the potential of these plant medicines. If you'd like to get involved with our nonprofit, The Microdosing Collective, visit our website: https://www.microdosingcollective.org



0:00 Intro

6:20 History of Microdosing

10:01 The Why

18:31 Sacred Ritual

23:15 Legal Policy

27:14 Future of Microdosing

32:34 The Footsteps of Cannabis

38:42 Use Your Voice - without getting arrested

41:03 What is Microdosing

43:40 Conclusion



Alli Schaper

Into the Multiverse Co-Founder and CEO, Podcast Host


Josh Kappel

Founding partner of Vicente Sederberg


Marie Mbouni, M.D.

Consciousness Coach, Shaman, Speaker


And the panel host:

Paul Austin

Third Wave Founder and CEO, Synthesis Co-Founder



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