Microdosing for Mental Health - with Paul Austin | Into the Multiverse Podcast EP 30

Into The Multiverse Podcast

Dec 5 2022 • 1 hr 7 mins

Paul Austin of Third Wave shares his insights on the future of microdosing. He explains how he got into psychedelics and reflects on his most profound experiences. Paul is the founder of Third Wave, which aims to provide resources and safe spaces for those looking to heal with psychedelics. He is also part of the Microdosing Collective, which is a non-profit organization we founded to make microdosing legal and safe.

Paul explains a practical guide to microdosing mushrooms, sourcing, legality, and psychedelic literacy. He and Alli share how to get started with your own mushroom practice, and how you can get involved in the movement to make microdosing legal.



0:00 Intro

2:22 Paul’s Story

7:57 What is Third Wave

13:10 Psychedelics Literacy

20:40 Microdosing Guide

33:31 Microdosing Protocol

38:07 Legality & Microdosing Collective

52:04 Future of Psychedelics

56:33 How to get started 🍄

1:00:59 Conclusion


Paul Austin is an entrepreneur, author, and coach, who sees psychedelic use as a skill, cultivated through clear intention, supportive mentorship, and courageous exploration. Mastering this skill is crucial in the story of humanity’s present-future evolution. His vision is to help facilitate our society’s transition from a competitive, zero-sum mindset to a collaborative, social entrepreneurial approach.




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