Jacob Holm Ushers Us From Manual to Machine Trading With His New EA at Statera Trading

How To Trade It: Talking to the world's most successful traders!

Feb 23 2023 • 46 mins

Jacob Holm is the Co-Founder of Statera Trading.  Statera means balance in Latin, which is something that is highly valued by Jacob and his partner, Blayn Marshall, in both trading and their everyday lives.

In this episode of How To Trade It, Casey and Jacob discuss the transition from manual trading to automated trading, the importance of backtesting, and the qualities that make for a great trader. You don’t want to miss it!

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You’ll want to listen to this episode, if you are interested in hearing Jacob Holm                  discuss…

  • [03:09] Developing your own Expert Advisor
  • [04:51] The one thing we discovered immediately
  • [08:32] The best feeling you can have
  • [13:36] Sustainability is essential
  • [15:16] A solid money management system
  • [17:30] Avoiding over optimization
  • [20:08] MetaTrader
  • [21:39] Reliable backtesting
  • [24:12] Getting started
  • [28:09] If I lost all my money tomorrow…
  • [33:19] 0.3% risk per trade
  • [38:24] Getting connected with Jacob


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Jacob bought his first stock when he was 14 years old with help from his parents. Later, when he was old enough to open his own trading account, he started trading the forex markets.

Today he trades both manually and automated trading strategies. He bought his first commercially available EA in 2014 and has been fascinated by automation, algorithmic trading and building.

Additionally, Jacob is an entrepreneur and has run other companies and been involved in other ventures. He has been working at some of the biggest brands in the world and with hundreds of clients over the last few years.

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