The Future of Brands, Creativity, & Technology: A Conversation with Ogilvy China CEO, Chris Reitermann

ShanghaiZhan: All Things China Marketing, Advertising, Tech & Platforms

Apr 28 2023 • 54 mins

We recently had the opportunity to speak with Chris Reitermann, the Co-Chief Executive of Ogilvy Asia and CEO of Greater China, about the role of AI in the advertising business in China. With an impressive 28-year career at Ogilvy, Chris has been instrumental in the successful rise of advertising in China. Ogilvy China is one of the largest and most respected agencies in the country, and it was awarded Integrated Marketing Agency of the Year by Campaign Asia in 2022. So, what does Chris have to say about the future of AI in branding in China? 1. Are we at another crossroads with the rise of AI? How will AI impact the business of advertising in China? Are agencies still relevant? 2. Will AI fully automate the advertising process? What will be the human role in the creative process? 3. Once far ahead, is China behind the AI curve now? 4. The agency's role has fundamentally not changed, despite the mediums and tools that have changed. 5. Where will China evolve post-Covid, and how has this changed the country's optimism? 6. Where does work/life balance fit into post-Covid agency culture? 7. Is an agency a place for a new recruit, or should they join the brand side? 8. How does Ogilvy balance experts and integration under a single office network? 9. Good growth is just around the corner for both agencies and brands in China 10. Local clients vs. global client needs are different - it's the local clients that want brand building 11. What are the biggest challenges for Chinese brands going global? 12. What's the importance of technology for agency services in China? 13. What's your favorite David Ogilvy quote? 14. Hey, are you still in China? Is China a regional hub? 15. A/B Test: Creatvity, Shanghai, MidJourney & KFC