Marketing Consumer Occasions on Douyin/Tik Tok with VMLY&R's JJ Wang

ShanghaiZhan: All Things China Marketing, Advertising, Tech & Platforms

Feb 24 2023 • 37 mins

Can Tik Tok market to specific consumer occasions, encouraging trial and purchase? Meet JJ Wang, Senior Business Leader at WPP agency VMLY&R, based in Shanghai. She's the recent author of an interesting whitepaper about occasion marketing, co-authored with Douyin/Tik Tok. JJ has been in the industry for about 10 years and believes in building brand culture, even in digital times. For Myers Briggs fans, JJ is an ESFJ. 1. What's Occasion Marketing, and how is it different from Mass Marketing? 2. How does Occasion Marketing work in the digital space? 3. The evolution of China beverage products and the need for multiple occasion moments 4. The Pick, Plan, and Lock Model Explained 5. How many content posts are needed for Occasion Marketing 6. Could Occasion Marketing apply to other categories? 7. Is this more effective than paying an influencer to sell your product? 8. Does this extend to other platforms besides Tik Tok? 9. Any good insights from the white paper? Gamers love powdered beverages 10. How does impulsiveness work on a social media platform in China? 11. How does Occasion Marketing work for smaller-budget brands? 12. Does creativity have a role in Occasion Marketing? 13. Is the ad business still a good place to start for young women? 14. A/B Test: Shanghai, Social, RED, Insights