On Creative Entrepreneurship, Self-Learning, and Becoming a Photographer With Armin Tehrani (E15)

Creative Voyage Podcast

Jan 20 2020 • 25 mins

In this episode, I talk to Armin Tehrani, a photographer, art director, and entrepreneur. We cover topics such as navigating creativity and business, how he went about becoming a professional photographer, what motives him, the importance of giving and receiving honest feedback, and much more.


Armin Tehrani is a creative professional from Vancouver, Canada, currently based in Copenhagen. He’s exceptionally multifaceted but focuses mainly on art direction and photography, as well as visual production. He has owned several companies in the past, including a clothing store, a greeting card company, as well as a women’s line called Priory. He currently produces content for Norse Projects and has done so for other Canadian and Danish brands, as well.

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Show Notes

  • Introduction [00:00]
  • Episode Introduction [00:51]
  • Starting As a Creative Entrepreneur [02:09]
  • How to Become a Professional Photographer Today [09:34]
  • Short Episode Break – Support the Podcast [16:06]
  • Armin’s Work Routines [16:49]
  • How to Give and Receive Creative Feedback [18:31]
  • Challenges of Being a Creative Professional Today [20:26]
  • How to Find Motivation in Difficult Times [22:07]
  • How to Be a Better Creative Professional [23:26]
  • Episode Outro [24:54]

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