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Seeking to be transformed by the inner working of God through study, personal prayer, and spiritual practice; this podcast will offer both Spiritual Practice teachings and Interviews to tap into the wisdom of both. May you be enriched & encouraged in your faith journey! read less

Choral Spirituality: The Pastor's Panel
Jan 18 2023
Choral Spirituality: The Pastor's Panel
Today we are joined by Helen, Eden, and Philip, all of whom are seasoned pastors and priests. Our conversation explores their spiritual practices, their influences, and a deep discussion on praying in difficult times. Please check the session notes below for any references and corrections. Website for St. Dunstans - www.st-dunstans.caEmail - st.dunstans@telus.netTel. - 604.856.5393Barbara Brown Taylor. An Altar in the World. Publishers HarperOne (reprint edition, Feb. 2010).Brian D. McLaren (2008) Finding Our Way Again: The Return of the Ancient Practices. Thomas Nelson publisher.Henri Nouwen is mentioned as an influencer and a widely read author on the program today. Henri Nouwen has written an array of books. His vulnerable style of writing has been an encouragement to many. A few suggestions might be:Henri Nouwen (2006) Can You Drink This Cup? Published by Ave Maria Press.Henri Nouwen (2002) Life of the Beloved and Our Greatest Gift. Published by Hodder and Stoughton.Henri Nouwen (2001) Turn My Mourning into Dancing, Finding Hope in Hard Times. Published by W. Publishing Group.Paul Tillich, The Shaking of the Foundations. First published by Charles Scribner’s and Sons 1948. Wipf and Stock Publishers 2011. A collection of sermons.Our guest panelist Eden Jersek mentions her husband and author Brad Jersak. The Rev. Dr. Brad Jersak lives in Abbotsford, BC with Eden and their sons. Brad has written several books. You can find a list of his books at www.bradjersak.comVictoria Loorz (2021) Church of the Wild, How Nature Invites Us into the Sacred. Published in association with The Bindery Agency.* Please note the following correction. Sarah speaks about Victoria Loorz in the conversation today. She mistakenly calls Victoria by the name Virginia in the podcast conversation! Apologies for this error.Rachel Held Evans, Kate Bowler, Nadia Bolz-Weber, and Brene Brown. Young women giving a new life to faith. St. Dunstan’s Labyrinth. Labyrinth walks are held as part of retreats at St. Dunstans. Music intro and outro to today’s podcast is taken from the piece Benedictus by the Reverend David Taylor. It is used with permission.