We All Mom Differently with Geordian Abel

Picking Daisies

Nov 21 2023 • 47 mins

Geordian Abel is a new mom who likes to get up and get fully dressed for the day - and the internet has a BIG problem with that.


I'm sure by now you've seen the post that launched Geordian into the public eye, but if not - we're talking all about it in today's episode. Geordian shares her daily routine that helps her feel successful as a mom. If it's different from the way you do things, cool. Is she a bad person? No. Are you? No.  Can we all take a minute and quit judging strangers online? Yes. Let's get into it.

Episode Highlights:

  • Thoughts on "that" video and the chaos that followed
  • Stepping into motherhood, and what works for different people
  • The guilt and anxiety that comes with leaving our kids
  • Societal pressure to do things the "right" way

Geordian Abel is a wife and mom to son, Hutton, and lives in Fort Worth, Texas. She owns an online boutique, Flourish in Frills, and shares her fashion finds and lifestyle online via her Instagram @GeordianAbel and her website, www.adoremorewithgeor.com.

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