Reporter to Recruiter to Executive Coach: Mary Olson Menzel, Master of Pivots

Bucket List Careers

Nov 3 2022 • 16 mins

Mary Olson Menzel started out her career as a TV reporter in Chicago, but at 23, struggling to pay the bills and unsure about a move to Wisconsin, something told her to switch gears. Through a twist of fate she landed a job at a recruiting firm, which happened to be the perfect fit for her at the time. Mary  easily and masterfully transferred her skills in interviewing and writing to a new industry she not only found rewarding but also made her a decent living.  But Mary was still seeking more meaning in her day to day work AND a gig that would enable balance for a busy mom of 3.  Listen in to hear how Mary successfully transitioned to Founder and CEO of MVP Executive Search and Development and how her young son helped put her on the the path to ultimate professional purpose!