How Casting Director and Founder Stacy Gallo Fearlessly Crafted her Dream Gig

Bucket List Careers

Oct 27 2022 • 25 mins

Stacy Gallo always knew she wanted to work in entertainment, but couldn't put her finger on exactly what that was at the beginning of her career. Acting? Directing? Producing? She was working as an admissions officer when one of her friends, a freelance casting director, asked her to fill in on one of her jobs. Only then did Stacy find her true professional purpose.  Stacy quickly transferred her skills of finding the right students for universities to finding the right talent for television commercials. Everything about Stacy's personality, ambition, and creative eye played a part in her success.  She started her own company in 2008 and now Stacy Gallo Casting is one of the premiere casting offices in NYC.  This conversation not only reveals the ins and outs of building a career in casting, but also gives an honest look at what it takes to fearlessly pivot and craft your dream gig in a highly competitive industry, despite family pressure to play it safe!