Developing Azure Functions using the v2 programming model for Python

Azure Friday

Mar 10 2023 • 0 seconds

Gavin Aguiar and Shreya Batra join Scott Hanselman to discuss the v2 programming model for Azure Functions using Python, which provides an Azure Functions development experience that is more familiar to Python developers. Key features include triggers and bindings declared as decorators, a simplified folder structure, and support through easy-to-reference documentation. Chapters 00:00 - Introduction 01:18 - Azure Functions backgrounder 04:30 - v2 programming model for Python 06:40 - VS Code extension for v2 programming model for Python 08:40 - Demo: Create an Azure Function with the v2 programming model for Python 12:00 - Missing a Storage account... 14:00 - App decorators add the magic... 15:00 - Demo of a more complicated example 21:50 - Wrap-up Recommended resources Azure Functions: V2 Python Programming Model Azure Functions Python developer guide Python V2 model Azure Functions triggers and bindings (preview) Quickstart: Create a function in Azure with Python using Visual Studio Code V2 Programming Model for Azure Functions using Python Create a Pay-as-You-Go account (Azure) Create a free account (Azure) Connect Scott Hanselman | Twitter: @SHanselman Shreya Batra | Twitter: @BatraShreya Azure Friday | Twitter: @AzureFriday Azure Functions | Twitter: @AzureFunctions Azure | Twitter: @Azure