Modernize your API stack with GraphQL and Azure API Management

Azure Friday

Aug 29 2022 • 0 seconds

Elizabeth Barnitt joins Scott Hanselman to discuss and demo GraphQL support in Azure API Management, which allows you to import, validate, secure, and augment GraphQL APIs in Azure. Azure API Management enables you to both govern your existing GraphQL servers and build one from scratch with Synthetic GraphQL, which allows you to combine your existing REST and SOAP endpoints into a single, easy to query endpoint. Chapters 00:00 - Introduction 01:23 - What is GraphQL? 11:34 - Demo - Import a GraphQL API 18:12 - Demo - Synthetic GraphQL 21:24 - Wrap-up Recommended resources Azure API Management resources Import a GraphQL API Import a GraphQL schema and set up field resolvers Protect, Augment, and Build GraphQL APIs with Azure API Management Create a Pay-as-You-Go account (Azure) Create a free account (Azure) Connect Scott Hanselman | Twitter: @SHanselman Elizabeth Barnitt | Twitter: @BarnittE Azure Friday | Twitter: @AzureFriday