Working with data from SAP in Azure and Office 365

Azure Friday

Jan 7 2022 • 0 seconds

Over 77% of transaction revenue in the world touches an SAP system, and more SAP systems are running in the cloud each year. The SAP platform provides a foundation for innovation for many companies and can handle various workloads natively. Holger Bruchelt joins Scott Hanselman to show how you can combine Microsoft Cloud with SAP on Azure to extend with Power Platform, integrate with Azure APIM and Logic Apps, and more. Chapters 00:00 - Introduction 03:50 - SAP on Azure overview 04:55 - Demo: Azure Bastion to connect to a VM running SAP 05:43 - Demo: Azure Active Directory for SSO with SAP Fiori UI 10:15 - Demo: Power Automate and Azure API Management from Excel 14:48 - Demo: Calling Azure Logic Apps from Word 19:36 - Demo: Azure Bot Service 23:00 - Demo: Trigger workflows from Outlook 25:01 - Wrap-up Recommended resources SAP on Azure YouTube channel SAP on Azure Podcast SAP on Azure solution SAP certified offerings for Azure SAP on Azure GitHub