Azure Cognitive Service for Vision with the Florence foundation model

Azure Friday

Apr 20 2023 • 0 seconds

Adina Trufinescu joins Scott to introduce and demonstrate Azure Cognitive Service for Vision and the next-generation computer vision capabilities with Project Florence. The improved Vision Services enables developers to create innovative, market-ready, responsible applications. Customers can seamlessly digitize, analyze, and connect their data to natural language interactions, unlocking powerful insights from their image and video content to support accessibility, drive acquisition through SEO, protect users from harmful content, enhance security, and improve incident response times. Chapters 00:00 - Introduction 03:32 - Demo: Dense captioning 04:40 - Demo: Search photos with natural language 06:58 - Demo: Video summary and frame locator 11:22 - Discussion 12:43 - Wrap-up Recommended resources Azure Cognitive Service for Vision Announcing a renaissance in computer vision AI with Microsoft's Florence foundation model Get started with Azure Cognitive Services for Vision Create a Pay-as-You-Go account (Azure) Create a free account (Azure) Connect Scott Hanselman | Twitter: @SHanselman Azure Friday | Twitter: @AzureFriday Azure | Twitter: @Azure

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