#20: Meal Planning & Intuitive Eating with Talia Koren

It's All Made Up, Anyway

Jun 25 2019 • 38 mins

In today’s episode, Whitney is talking to Talia Koren, the person behind Workweek Lunch, a membership site on how to meal prep and eliminate food waste. Talia is here to shed some light on how meal prepping and intuitive eating are not exclusively for the diet culture. Her mission is to help busy people all over the world master easy, affordable and time-saving cooking so that they can spend less time doing dishes and more time living their best lives.

By using these methods, you can learn to separate the concept of health from the stresses of weight loss. There are so many perks to these practices because they can be helpful at any point in your food journey. Don’t pick fights with your foods! Come to terms with what you are eating and use these methods to help you along your journey!

Whitney shares:

  • Changes that are coming to Whitney’s coaching
  • Update on Whitney’s life
  • Talia’s story
  • Rejecting the idea of expected beauty standard
  • Meal planning at different points of your food journey
  • Differentiating between dieting and intuitive eating
  • Separating health and weight loss specifically
  • Feeling more relaxed about food because of anticipatory eating
  • Challenges you face when starting to meal plan
  • Misconceptions about meal prepping
  • Dealing with food planning while taking medications
  • Talia’s favorite meal prep meals right now
  • Workweek Lunch program and everything involved

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Workweek Lunch Program

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