#29: Healing Infertility after ED with Shreen El Masry

It's All Made Up, Anyway

Oct 29 2019 • 44 mins

During pregnancy, women’s bodies will go through the most dramatic changes in their lives. What the world doesn’t see is the powerful mental and emotional hardships that women go through during this time. Today, Whitney’s guest, Shreen El Masry, is talking about body image during and after pregnancy as well as healing infertility after having an eating disorder. Shreen is the owner of Be You Be Free, a body-positive health and wellbeing community for women. Having struggled with disordered eating and body issues her whole life, Shreen discovered intuitive eating, health at every size, and became educated in all areas of health and wellbeing to recover. Having a positive body image can help women break free from diet culture and spend their time on the things that matter to them the most. Live life the way you are meant to!

Whitney shares:

  • Shreen’s journey through body image problems and her eating disorder
  • Supporting women who are pregnant or post-partum with their body image
  • Refusing to be weighed during pregnancy
  • Dealing with the post-partum pressure to lose weight
  • Promoting a body-positive and healthy lifestyle for your children
  • Recovering from an infertility condition caused by an eating disorder
  • Underestimating the impact of undereating and stress on health
  • Dealing with the backlash from professionals in the health field
  • Different ways to prioritize stress reduction during recovery
  • Working on positive body image with Shreen’s 12-step program Nourish Me
  • Coming to terms with your cravings during pregnancy and post-partum

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