#34: Reconnecting after Addiction & ED with Erin Geraghty

It's All Made Up, Anyway

Dec 10 2019 • 1 hr 1 min

Dissociating with emotions stems from many different sources throughout a person’s life, and it shows itself in many different ways, such as addiction and eating disorders. Whitney’s guest today, Erin Geraghty, has dealt with disconnection and numbing out from life, turning to drugs and excessive dieting at a young age. Now, Erin is a yoga therapist, recovery coach, and yoga studio owner. She’s the author of the book, “Thriving After Addiction” and the host of a podcast by the same name. Her goal is to help people reconnect with themselves after addiction and eating disorders, just like she helped herself!

Whitney shares:

  • Erin’s life now and how she got to where she is
  • Growing up in a household that is focused around dieting and over-working
  • Why addictions, EDs, and burnout all tend to go together
  • Learning how to slow down and be with yourself when eating and drinking
  • Teaching people how to process emotions beyond telling your story
  • Comprehending different aspects of life when it is fear-driven
  • Practical steps people can take to slow down and reconnect with themselves
  • Reasons that it is so hard for people to let go of their coping mechanisms
  • Navigating relationships with family or friends that are struggling with addiction

Links to Resources:

Learn more about thriving after addiction: ThrivingAfterAddiction.com

Check out Erin’s yoga services: ThriveYogaFit.com

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