#37: Stop Trying To Fit In, You Have The Answers [Season Finale]

It's All Made Up, Anyway

Jan 28 2020 • 54 mins

Throughout your life, trauma can rear its ugly head in many different ways. How we cope with life’s traumas also comes in its own unique ways. Many people get caught between trying to conform and rebelling against conformity. That constant struggle to figure out who you really are can wear on the soul which can lead to its own coping and so on and so forth. Unless you find a way to break out of that struggle and trust yourself, then you’ll always be in that same place! Stop trying to fit in; you have the answers. It’s the season finale so stay tuned and listen for some great advice before Whitney takes a break to write her book!

Whitney shares:

  • Various types of trauma that can lead to an eating disorder
  • How people use dieting as a tool to numb
  • Knowing that you are meant for a unique path
  • Unknowingly feeding your shadow companion
  • Facing the connection between your relationships with food and life
  • Properly filling the void that the diet culture left
  • The lose-lose situation according to the shadow companion
  • Stepping into a new level of self-acceptance
  • Importance of allowing yourself to have fun
  • Combining your intuition with your knowledge
  • Give yourself permission to not know what’s going on
  • The trap that we put ourselves into
  • Why we need to sit in the discomfort of not knowing

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