Blast from the Past (Static Shock Season 3 Episode 11-13)

Yet Another DC Animated Podcast

Mar 14 2022 • 58 mins

We haven't seen these in a minute! Chamar and Andrew are back with yet another episode as we discuss episodes 11 through 13 of https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Static_Shock (Static Shock) season 3. Alva shenanigans are back, Superman gives us another Justice League team-up, and She-Bang returns! As always, we are here to ask the big questions: Does the story make sense? How does it compare to the comic? Is it a good addition to the universe? And most importantly, what are Chamar and Andrew's greatest fears? Follow Yet Another DC Animated Podcast on https://linktr.ee/yadcanimatedpod (social media) or check us out at https://www.forgottenentertainment.com/yet-another-dc-animated-podcast (Forgotten Entertainment).