Kaldur'ahm/Aquaman (Young Justice Phantoms Episode 14-17)

Yet Another DC Animated Podcast

Nov 27 2023 • 1 hr 41 mins

First man to swim to a fight! Chamar and Andrew are back with yet another episode as we continue our coverage of Young Justice with the Kaldur'ahm/Aquaman arc of the Phantoms season. Kaldur has grown quite a lot throughout our series but it's because he takes no breaks. But will the death of Conner, a difficult conference, and the return of the first king of Atlantis be the thing that breaks him?

As always, we are here to ask the big questions: Does the story make sense? How does it compare to the comic? Is it a good addition to the universe? And most importantly, what is it like to do a bid in an Atlantean prison?

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