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Beyond the Bite is a podcast that goes beyond the headlines and sound bites to uncover the stories that drive the business community of San Antonio and South Texas. Hosted by seasoned journalist and advocate, Eddie Aldrete, each episode features real conversations with job creators, business leaders, and community pillars. Whether they are carrying on family legacies or breaking new ground, Eddie's guests offer unique perspectives on the economic drivers of the region. With decades of experience at the intersection of business, public policy, and politics, Eddie is known for his advocacy efforts and relationship building. Tune in to Beyond the Bite to discover the stories that shape our region’s future. read less


Ep 24. From Rates to Rooftops: San Antonio's Residential Real Estate Trends with Paul Basaldua and Bryan Glasshagel
5d ago
Ep 24. From Rates to Rooftops: San Antonio's Residential Real Estate Trends with Paul Basaldua and Bryan Glasshagel
This episode of Beyond the Bite features real estate experts Bryan Glasshagel, Senior Vice President of Zonda Metrostudy, and Paul Basaldua, CEO of Versatera Development. They navigate through the complex dynamics of the residential housing market in San Antonio and Bexar County, deliberating on the influences of fluctuating interest rates and evolving demographic trends. Glasshagel offers insights on the building industry's outlook as price adjustments loom amidst affordability challenges. Basaldua shares his experience with Versatera's ventures, underscoring San Antonio’s southward expansion and the ongoing investments in and around San Antonio. The conversation delves into pressing issues such as housing affordability across income levels and the considerations developers make in creating mixed-income communities. Glasshagel highlights the substantial portion of new homes valued under $350,000, painting a picture of a market striving to maintain diversity and accessibility amid economic shifts. Additionally, the two guests discuss the trend of families returning to the south side for its proximity to the city center, with higher-end housing developments marking a notable shift in the local landscape. The episode concludes with a perspective on the escalating impact of material costs, labor shortages, and the inflow of out-of-state buyers, underscoring Texas' burgeoning role in mitigating the nationwide housing quandary.Links and Resources: Production Services by EveryWord Media
Ep 23. A Transformative Year in Office: Grant Moody's Resolute Stand on Tax Cuts, Public Safety & Public Health
Feb 13 2024
Ep 23. A Transformative Year in Office: Grant Moody's Resolute Stand on Tax Cuts, Public Safety & Public Health
In this compelling episode of "Beyond the Bite," host Eddie Aldrete welcomes Precinct 3 Bexar County Commissioner Grant Moody, who recently completed his first year in office. Moody reflects on his tenure, discussing his successful advocacy for a 20% homestead tax exemption for the University Health System in Bexar County, and he shares insights on the array of challenges faced, from addressing the county jail's maintenance and understaffing issues to his proposal for combining public and mental health services under the University Health System, emphasizing the importance of finding a capable replacement for the retiring CEO of the $3 billion hospital system.Throughout the episode, Moody weaves through the nonpartisan nature of his role, where he underscores the importance of building relationships with colleagues across the aisle without compromising on morals, principles, or beliefs. They explore Moody’s multifaceted approach to local governance, from his views on pet-owner accountability to the proposal of a transparent county checkbook. The conversation also touches on Moody's background as a Marine officer and how his experiences have shaped his perspective on issues like the financial ramifications of COVID relief funds and public health funding.The episode concludes with a poignant reflection on Moody's recent trip to Israel, a journey that noticeably impacts his worldview. Moody addresses the local and international complexities of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, lamenting the lack of global outcry for the release of Israeli hostages held by Hamas, and expressing concerns over the general misunderstandings about the conflict. Together, Aldrete and Moody discuss the importance of technological ingenuity demonstrated by Israel and the collaboration between the U.S. and Israel, highlighting the need for awareness and education on these critical international relations issues. Production Services by EveryWord Media
Ep 22. From Air Base to Innovation Hub: Change Agent Jim Perschbach on Port San Antonio's Success
Jan 30 2024
Ep 22. From Air Base to Innovation Hub: Change Agent Jim Perschbach on Port San Antonio's Success
In this groundbreaking episode of Beyond the Bite, host Eddie Aldrete welcomes the visionary Jim Perschbach, President and CEO of Port San Antonio. Together, they explore the transformative journey of a former air force base into a booming tech innovation hub that is reshaping San Antonio's economic landscape. Perschbach shares the port's strategy of fostering a vibrant ecosystem brimming with talent and employers, thus resulting in a surge of job opportunities and enhancement of the city's stature in the tech and aviation sectors.The episode delves into the profound influence of San Antonio as a pioneering city in electronic wizardry and cybersecurity, owing much to its synergistic collaborations with institutions like UTSA, Texas A&M San Antonio, Our Lady of the Lake University, The Alamo Colleges and more. Jim Perschbach highlights Knight Aerospace's innovative flying hospital room, encapsulating how San Antonio's integration of medical, cyber, and aircraft capabilities is leading to cutting-edge advancements. The port's unique business approach, which prioritizes community betterment over profit, has created a diverse pool of resources that bolsters national security and supports student-driven technological innovation.Wrapping up the episode, the conversation pivots to the theme of aspiration within the workplace. Perschbach shares insights from urban rejuvenation he has seen around the world, advocating for work environments that inspire and enhance human performance.From the historic achievements in aviation to fostering a new generation of tech-savvy thinkers, this episode of Beyond the Bite not only provides a look at San Antonio's past contributions but also paints an optimistic portrait of its future, ready to inspire listeners to engage with the world through an optimistic lens of innovation and progress.Links and Resources: Production Services by EveryWord Media
Ep 21.  Leadership and Legacy: Nelson Wolff Talks Leadership, Policy, and Power Dynamics
Jan 16 2024
Ep 21. Leadership and Legacy: Nelson Wolff Talks Leadership, Policy, and Power Dynamics
As a legislator, mayor and county judge, Nelson Wolff learned a lot along his journey and shares his successes as well as his failures and mistakes.From the creation of The Alamo Promise and the successful courtship of Toyota, he continues to emphasize how fostering job creation is paramount to a robust economy.Amidst a shifting demographic landscape, we explore the implications of declining population growth in the U.S. and Japan and talk about why Nelson believes in the power of immigration to infuse talent and hard work into our communities.A jewel in our episode is our mutual admiration and respect for the late-Roddy Stinson, a columnist with the San Antonio Express-News. Wolff applauds a particularly moving sentence, prompting a shared appreciation of linguistic artistry that made Stinson such a legendary figure. We then take a turn into the nuanced arena of political longevity and the importance of leaving office with grace, and discuss an incident with the late-State Senator Frank Madla.We address the changing faces of power in the business community and the implications for regional advocacy and local governance. And finally, Wolff sends a strong message on why we must all champion candidates who value civility and bipartisan collaboration. Production Services by EveryWord Media
Ep 20.  Perspectives on San Antonio's Future with Councilmembers Marina Alderete-Gavito and Marc Whyte
Jan 2 2024
Ep 20. Perspectives on San Antonio's Future with Councilmembers Marina Alderete-Gavito and Marc Whyte
In this insightful episode of Beyond the Bite, City Council members Marina Alderete-Gavito and Marc Whyte come together to discuss pressing issues facing San Antonio. Their conversation dives deep into the inefficiencies in government operations, particularly spotlighting animal care services and the challenges posed by dangerous dogs and year-round pet breeding. Despite differing opinions on a CPS rate increase—with Alderete-Gavito voting for it and Whyte proposing a halved increase—the two emphasize a united front on strategic investments for the city's surplus budget. Alderete-Gavito highlights the significance of protecting financially vulnerable citizens during rate increases, while Whyte stresses the need to decrease city spending in order to be less dependent upon CPS Energy revenues. That way, Whyte argues, CPS Energy can keep more of its money for future generation plants and will be less likely to seek additional rate increases.The episode also sheds light on the importance of constituent services, as both council members recount their firsthand experiences with issues such as homeless encampments near schools and parks. They advocate for safety-oriented regulations and support initiatives like the low-barrier shelter program aimed at offering comprehensive help to the homeless population. Additionally, Alderete-Gavito and Whyte address the heavy workload that comes with council duties, underscoring the need for full-time dedication and the financial difficulties council members face, opening up about the underestimated scope of their responsibilities and the depth of commitment required to serve their constituents effectively.To conclude, Alderete-Gavito and Whyte share their perspectives on the need for transparency and accountability within the city government. They express frustration with bureaucracy and deliberate on the potential for revising city operations to prioritize efficient use of taxpayer dollars. The charter review commission's investigations into the tenure and compensation of the city manager, council member compensation, and the handling of redistricting issues are also touched upon, in addition to a lighthearted sign-off looking ahead to 2024, reaffirming their commitment to the progression of San Antonio. Tune in for a nuanced and thought-provoking journey with us, on "Beyond the Bite." Let's dive in.Councilwoman Marina Alderete-Gavito Marc Whyte Care Services (City of San Antonio) Energy Energy Vision 2027 Zamiello Bonnie Elder Realty Partners Edited by Nick Chamberlain Production Services by EveryWord Media
Ep 19. ADAPTING SPACES: Navigating Smaller Leases,  Remote Work and the Office of the Future
Nov 28 2023
Ep 19. ADAPTING SPACES: Navigating Smaller Leases, Remote Work and the Office of the Future
In this episode of 'Beyond the Bite', Eddie Aldrete hosts Leanne King, Anamaria Suescan-Fast, and Larry Mendez to discuss the evolving landscape of office spaces and remote work, along with the challenges and opportunities for employers. They review the practical necessities of adapting office strategies, focusing on the shift towards smaller leases, the complexities of state tax laws, and the increasing importance of visibility in the workplace. The discussion moves on to the financial implications involved in managing office spaces, and Larry Mendez talks about how to manage a lease buyout if you overestimate your space needs. Meanwhile, Leanne King, and Anamaria Suescan Fast echo the need for adaptability in managing offices and remote work during these rapidly changing times. Leanne King advises organizations to remain open-minded and create a comfortable space for employees, while Anamaria Suescan Fast emphasizes the importance of effective mentoring in a virtual environment. Highlighting the potential seismic shifts in the real estate market, Larry Mendez advises businesses to take the financial health of landlords into account. As the episode concludes, the consensus is clear: change is inevitable, and businesses need to stay flexible, vigilant, and ready to adapt in these challenging times. (Twitter) Production Services by EveryWord Media
Ep 18. The Evolution of the Greater San Antonio Chamber: Insights from Jeff Webster & Katie Harvey
Nov 14 2023
Ep 18. The Evolution of the Greater San Antonio Chamber: Insights from Jeff Webster & Katie Harvey
In this episode of Beyond the Bite, host Eddie Aldrete is in conversation with Jeff Webster, the newly appointed CEO of the Greater San Antonio Chamber of Commerce, and Katie Harvey, the outgoing board chair who spearheaded the CEO selection process. Jeff shares his plans and objectives as the new CEO, with a focus on supporting the local business community and enhancing economic development in the city. He also emphasizes the Chamber's role in advocacy at local, state, and federal levels. Katie provides insight into the CEO selection process, the changes made to the board structure, and why the merger with the North Chamber didn’t pan out. An enlightening discussion takes place regarding the challenges faced by all chambers due to changing business land political landscapes, prompting a conversation about how chambers can readjust their value proposition in a post-pandemic world. Finally, the episode ends with all three agreeing on the need for more unity and collaboration within the business community to ensure its growth and success. Tune in to BTB Ep 18 - to learn about Jeff Webster, the transformative changes happening at the Greater San Antonio Chamber of Commerce, and how it aims to provide value and support to businesses in San Antonio amidst an evolving business landscape. Production Services by EveryWord Media