Mergers & Acquisitions

mnemonic security podcast

Dec 20 2021 • 45 mins

The business of cyber security: Mergers & Acquisitions

What separates the acquisitions that go well from those that don’t?

To discuss the business side of security, Robby is joined by Brian Contos; returning guest, fellow podcast host, serial security entrepreneur and CISO & Vice President of Mandiant Security Validation.

Mandiant Security Validation, previously known as Verodin, was acquired by Mandiant little over two years ago. In this episode, Brian shares from his experience going through that process, as well as other similar transitions he’s been a part of throughout his 25 year long career in security.

In their discussions, they go into everything that leads up to an acquisition decision, picking the right company with the right DNA and how to get the two companies to fit together.

Brian also shares what he’s learned about how to start your own security company, and why he believes there’ll be more mergers and acquisitions happening in the security space in the next years than we’ve seen in the last two decades.

Producer: Paul Jæger